Introduction to Keto

09 Jun , 2020

What is Keto?

Simply put, keto is a low-carb way of eating. By eating super low carb you can throw your body in to a state of ketosis. The process of ketosis is a natural and normal process in which the body uses your body fat for fuel. Normally the body will uses blood sugar as a fuel source (glucose), but when the body is starved of sugar (carbs) it produces ketones which use your body fat as a fuel source instead! When you start the keto diet, it can take about 3-4 days to get into ketosis.

On a keto diet, you must get calories from protein and good fats. It is typically advised to reduce your total carbohydrate intake to 50 grams a day and 20-30 net carbohydrates a day. We'll explain how to measure carbs a bit later.

The Basic Rules of Keto

  • Restrict carb intake! This is the first step to changing your lifestyle.
  • Learn to identify products with refined sugar, including soft drives, sauces, and condiments - it all adds up!
  • Recognise the difference between good and bad fats, and increase healthy fats found in seeds, nuts, avocados, etc.
  • Replenish electrolytes in your body.
  • Drink 3 litres of water a day.
  • Reduce your calorie consumption

The Benefits of a Keto Diet

  • By lowering your carbs and increasing your healthy fats and protein, you can reap lots of benefits in terms of weight loss. There are also positive effects of pre-diabetes, heart disease, skin issues, Thyroid, PCOS, epilepsy, and even Parkinson's.
  • As with all big lifestyle changes to your body, it is also important to speak to a doctor before embarking on a diet.

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