The Ange Bakes Keto Story

18 Jun , 2020

This post is part of our Story series, where we interview the people behind the brands we carry at Wowlah. Many of our brands are independent makers and bakers who are passionate about the food they make, and have a fascinating story about their journeys.


This week we bring you the story behind Ange Bakes Keto. We talked to the wonderful ladies running the bakery, Angie and Joy, to hear about their motivation for the business and share our mutual love of sweet treats!


Please share with our readers how Ange Bakes Keto got started.

Our dream is to make the Ketogenic Way of Eating (WOE) achievable and sustainable for keto-dieters. Being on a diet means we know how hard it is to sustain it!

We're a two (wo)men team who have since embarked in setting up this first ketogenic bakery & cafe, Ange Bakes Keto. We're on a quest to keep our costs low, hunting for the finest ingredients at its best price and embracing a no-frills packaging concept.

We're passionate about promoting the awareness of healthier eating through sharing the ketogenic diet with the local community.

Where did the idea of a ketogenic bakery & cafe come from?

It started off with Angie (our Founder) who chanced upon the Keto diet. As she explored and discovered the science behind the diet, she made a decision to go the Keto way of eating there and then on 17 July 2018. She soon started making her own keto bakes at home, which led to the birth of Ange Bakes Keto. With a growing community of keto-dieters, demands for her yummy bakes grew. She has a sales and marketing background, so she saw the opportunity in this market.

More importantly, Angie truly believes in the positive health benefits that come along with the ketogenic diet when she lost over 10kg within months into the diet. Her passion is to bring Keto WOE closer to many more and make it as sustainable as possible so that more can enjoy the health benefits of eating the healthier way.

After months of deliberation, sourcing and countless discussions, Ange Bakes Keto Bakery & Café is finally set up with it’s first humble store at The Adelphi.


What makes your keto bakes unique?

There are many challenges in baking with keto-compliant ingredients. We spent a lot of time doing R&D with our bakes to make them taste as close to the “real thing” in terms of taste and texture. That’s what makes our Keto bakes unique.

Tell us your mission behind your ingredients?

Simply put “Ketogenic | Sugar-Free | Low Carbs | Gluten-free | Diabetic-friendly | Preservative-Free

We chose to use only natural sweeteners and premium grain-free flour to cater to a growing community of keto-dieters, diabetics, celiac, and individuals with food sensitivity.

Our biggest joy comes when people walk into our bakery elated to find healthy bakes that they can finally enjoy.


Any parting message you want to share with our readers?

We love to eat! :) We believe that it is possible to enjoy the Keto diet with plenty of food choices. And that’s why we call ourselves “The Happy Keto Place”. Drop in to our happy little shop to have a chat with us anytime. :)

*Due to safe distancing measures currently, AngeBakesKeto's physical cafe is not open for walk-in customers at the moment. Do visit them at The Adelphi once the situation settles down!

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