The ZENKO Superfoods Story

15 Jun , 2020

We're starting a new series where we interview the people behind the brands we carry at Wowlah. Many of our brands are independent makers and bakers who are passionate about the food they make, and have a fascinating story about their journeys.

Today we talk to the guys behind Zenko Superfoods, the new kids on the snack block changing your palates with water lily pops!

Zenko Superfoods is a modern snacking company founded by two friends who have a passion for discovering healthy and nutritious foods and transforming them to tasty, delicious and “less-guilty” snacks for today’s generation.

Mission and Values

Healthier snacking does not have to be boring, dull or tasteless. That’s not what Zenko Superfoods is about. Our mission is to discover nutritious snacking alternatives and develop and market them to a new generation of health-conscious consumers. We value people over profits and that is why we spend our time travelling to far-flung areas (Bihar in the foothills of the Himalayas in the case of our Water Lily Pops) to meet with farmers and producers to understand their ways of life and aspirations…and see how we as a modern, ethical food company can bring mutually beneficial outcomes to those involved to ultimately market innovative, healthier snacks to a global audience.

Zenko's Products

Zenko’s launch products are Water Lily Pops, colloquially known as “makhana”. This super food originates from the villages around the Himalayas in an environment that is perfect for growing and harvesting water lily seeds in a sustainable, responsible way. Water Lily Pops are naturally packed with plant-based protein, amino acids, and anti-oxidants and offer a healthier, gluten-free non-GMO alternative to on-the-go snacking.

Zenko Water Lily Pops come in four delicious flavors – Peri Peri, Himalayan Pink Salt, Coconut and a Cinnamon Caramel.


Wowlah: Where did the idea for water lily pops come from?

On one of our travels we heard about popped seeds from the water lily flower becoming popular in certain places around the world. We were intrigued since we both are very adventurous people and like to discover new things. Upon searching in all stores across the countries we realized no one was selling water lily seeds here, not even in Southeast Asia. We starting doing research and fell so in love with the ancient heritage and product benefits that we quit our jobs and travelled to the outskirts of India, in search of these mysterious flowers. Finally arriving in Bihar, near the foothills of the Himalayas, we understood the potential to create a healthy sustainable snack while supporting the local communities.

Wowlah: What makes your snacks unique?

Water lily seeds are only popped in one place in the world, namely the Indian state of Bihar. Even though very few people know about it, the seed has been popped and consumed during festivities and fasting for thousands of years. Because the flower grows in the ponds that are naturally fueled by the water coming from the Himalayas it is a very sustainable product.

Wowlah: Tell us your mission behind your ingredients?

To be true to our mission we decided to go for all natural ingredients, without artificial flavouring, no MSG or preservatives. The trend of healthier and more conscious eating is a movement that we support and want to see grow across the world.

Wowlah: Lastly, any fun or interesting facts you'd like to share?
In the first few months of starting ZENKO I only ate water lily pops. Traditional chinese medicine claims that the water lily seeds are aphrodisiacs, so that was something we wanted to test first hand.

Try all four flavours of ZENKO Superfood's Water Lily Pops at Wowlah today! 











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