About Us


Wowlah is Singapore’s one stop shop for the diet you have chosen. May it be Keto, Paleo, Vegan or Gluten free.  

Wowlah was born from our frustration of spending hours finding the right brands for our chosen diets and then realising the claims of some foods are not that same as the ingredients on the back of the packet. When searching for transparency we decided we needed to intervene and find a place where you could come and shop by your chosen diet and bring you and local suppliers together. 

For those who are looking to transition to a new diet, why not try our Starter kits which will give you the basics that will transition your pantry over to your chosen diet. 

At Wowlah we have no judgement about the diet you have chosen to live healthier; we understand each person is different and are here to support you by offering a one stop shop to find the brands that are perfect for your chosen lifestyle.