wowlah slim cuisine spinach fettuccine
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Spinach Fettuccine Noodles (Konjac, Shirataki, Miracle) (6 servings)

Vendor: Slim Cuisine

Simply replace the usual noodles or pasta in your meals with our Low-Calorie Spinach Fettuccine and save more than 330 calories. Made from natural plant-based dietary fibre, our products are heat sterilised to ensure that no preservatives are used. They are ready-to-eat and suitable for a range of diets.

  • 93% lower in calories than normal pasta
  • High in dietary fibre
  • Low in calorie, carbohydrate, fat and glycemic index (GI)
  • Free from gluten, preservatives, sodium, cholesterol, sugar and soy
  • Suitable for keto, vegans, diabetics, kosher and paleo diets
  • Halal-certified

  • Ingredients
    Konjac flour, spinach flour, lime water, and water

    Dietary Restrictions & Allergens
    Please visit manufacturer's website for more information (contact us for details). 

    Additional Info

    • Drain away liquid, rinse, and it is ready to eat
    • The food product can be boiled, microwaved, baked or fried

    Nutritional Info
    Per 100g Serving

    • Energy: 12kcal
    • Protein: 0.49g
    • Total Fat: 0.3g
    • Carbohydrate: 0.3g
    • Dietary Fibre: 3.4g
    • Sodium: 3.36mg

      About Slim Cuisine
      Slim Cuisine was started out of frustration when our founder was looking for ways to lose weight. She tried unsustainable weight-loss methods such as reducing her food portions, skipping meals and juice cleansing; all of which ended in failures. Although exercising was a healthy way to lose weight, she was just too busy and lacked the motivation to head to the gym. 

      Slim Cuisine's mission is to help people who are facing the same health and weight-related problems as our founder did. We aim to help as many people as possible to kickstart their guilt-free lifestyle with our low-calorie food products.

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